Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy cigarette in this hotel?
A. We don`t sell cigarette in our hotel. Please bring your own.

Q. Are there convenience stores or super market nearby?
A.There is 24/7 seven eleven located near our hotel. It is 5 minutes drive from our hotel.

Q. What kind of drink do you serve for dinner?
A. We have beer (Asahi, Kirin), Draft beer, Japanese sake, Shochu, Wine (bottle), sour, juice etc. 

Q. Is there vending machine in this hotel?
A. We have vending machine for soft drink and beer, there are 3 vending machines in our hotel. We also have fridge inside the room.

Q. Until what time room service is available?
A.  Room service is available until 9pm.

Q. Can I have massage in this hotel?
A. We can arrange massage service with reservation. Please request if you prefer male or female massage therapist *It might not be available in peak hour.

Q. Can you change pillow?
A. We can change it to a pillow filled with buckwheat husk

Q. If we stay there as a group, can we have dinner together?
A. If guests are staying in different rooms, we can arrange other private room for group dinner.

Q. Until what time bathing is available?
A.  Please check below.
private open air hot spring [YamanohenoYu] until 22:00 (with reservation)
Hinoki private bath [TsukamanoYu] until 22:00  (with reservation)
Open air hot spring [KomorebinoYu] until 22:00  (Male / female separated)
Public bath is available 24 hours  (Male / female separated)