Hot Springs

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Foot bath and walkable shallow hot spring while watching the open-air hot spring garden where you can feel the seasonal wind with your skin.  We also have private open-air hot spring which is popular for family and couples.
Guest can enjoy variety of hot spring options.

Corridor that leads to open-air hot spring


Guests can enjoy garden view that changes seasonally on the way to open-air hot spring and foot bath.

Open air hot spring with Hinoki cypress bath tub "Komorebi no Yu"


From the bath tub of the cypress barrel, hot springs of 30 liters or more overflow every hour and it`s free flowing. It makes you feel happy when you soaked into hot spring with morning sunlight through the leaves of tree.

Indoor hot spring "Goten no Yu"


This indoor hot spring has nostalgic atmosphere with mosaic tile decorations. Please enjoy bathing with nostalgic atmosphere.

Open-air hot spring with bluestone "Yamanohe no Yu"


This is private open-air hot spring with all cypress indoor hot spring and blue stone bath tub outdoor hot spring.
It costs 3000 yen per hour.
We ask bathing time upon your arrival.

Hinoki cypress bath tub hot spring "Tsukama no Yu"


This bath is fully renovated in 2009.
This hot spring is available for private usage.
Please use with family, couples or by yourself.

Foot bath "Susuki No Seseragi"


By soaking your feet into foot bath for 10~20 minutes, it helps improving blood circulation and refresh your whole body.

In spring, guests can see weeping cherry and dogwood.
In autumn, guests can enjoy autumn leaves.

Walkable shallow hot spring "Susuki No Seseragi"


Guests can walk in this shallow hot spring and massage pressure point of feet by walking on small rocks in the bath.
Both hot spring and pressure point help to improve your health.

Relaxing area and garden.


On the way to open-air hot spring, foot bath and walkable shallow hot spring, there is garden and guests can enjoy seasonal flowers and leaves.

Drinking hot spring water "Shiraito"


This 100 % original spring water is good for the skin and stomach.

Guest can take home or drink on site.
*Plastic bottle is available upon request.